Monday, June 24, 2013

Personality of Couples & Personalities of Individuals - Are They Similar or Dissimilar

Of late, I was consistently pondering over the subject of understanding the personality of couples vis-a-vis that of individuals. As I started probing deeper in to this subject, the sojourn was something like 'when going gets tough - tough gets going.'

I was finding lot of difficulty to benchmark the differentiators between a couple and two individuals. This is due to my resolution to not to seek or approach external resources to fathom it out. I wanted to drill down to the center of the topic lonely but logically. My mental faculties were pressed hard and were driven with maximum speed. After spending more than three days on this topic, I could figure out certain things which would be described in the following paragraphs.

Couple Vs. Individuals

I feel that Couple signify a combined persona while an Individual represents his or her own self. The subtle difference between these two is like water in a goblet and the water in a pond. The "shift of life" is not that easy for a Couple to tackle with while it would relatively easier for an individual.

Couple cannot deviate from the "blueprint" of lifestyle because the said blueprint would have taken sometime for them to draw, revise and finalize. Whereas an individual could modify overnight.

Likewise, you can keep adding the diffrentiators that could be drawn between Couple and Individual.

Coping Up With The Vulnerabilities of Relationship

Well, there is no SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) to describe how to cope-up with the vulnerabilities that cause cracks in relationships of couples. There could be plenty of reasons, both petty and worthy, for couple to call off the day. It all would start from stop talking to each other with affection. Intimacy would become formality and the bed can become desolate. Each of the couple would start looking for alternative methods to kill their time and thus allow the gap to widen. They would start finding "faults" in each other. And this would be the unwanted and dangerous phase of relationship.

How To Resolve The Relationship Crisis

Again, there is no operational manual to dictate "how-to-do" the resolution of relationships that are falling apart. But there are ways to reconcile the differences like identifying the primal fires of egos, interpersonal complexities, identifying the areas that need mutual cooperation, eliminating the blind spots etc.


Couple is sum of two persons, multiplication of happiness and subtraction of sorrows and division of responsibilities.

This mathematics is not that hard nut to crack, if the simple and basic logic is understood by the couple.