Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Commitment Always Pays - Story of Dhruva the young prince

There is a beautiful story in Hindu mythology. It is a story of a five year old prince called Dhruva. Many Indian parents tell this story to the kids to tell them as to how a great commitment to achieve the goal always pays for self improvement.

Story in nutshell

Uttanapada is the father of Dhruva who is ruling over a vast kingdom. Uttanapada is married to two wives. Elder wife's name is Suneeti which means one who possess righteous knowledge and the younger wife's name is Suruchi which means one who got great taste (in either wordly matters or spirituality). Uttanapada begot one son each from his wifes. Elder son's name was Dhruva (eternally stable one) and the younger one is named as Uttama (the best one).

One day, when Uttanapada is enticing his younger son Uttama by keeping him on his lap, Dhruva enters the room and tries to sit on the lap. But his step mother (Suruchi) drags him away from the father and says "If you have to enjoy the bliss of sitting on father's lap, you should have born to me!".

The tender heart of Dhruva is severely pained to listen to this blabber but he leaves the room without uttering a word against father or mother and goes to his mother Suneeti. After hearing the incident from her son, Suneeti tells Dhruva that it is the God Almighty who can help the unloved ones.

The boy was so inspired with these words of the mother. He knows that mother always tells the truth. After seeking mother's blessings Dhruva sets out to forest to do penance so that the Lord would present Himself before him.

On his way to the forest, Dhruva meets up with the heavenly sage by name Narada who enquires as to why such an young boy is wondering in the forest. Sage Narada is the son of Lord Brahma, the creator of the universe, and can travel between the worlds. When such a great soul is present before his eyes, Dhruva prostrated before the sage and told about his motto. Sage Narada tries to deter the boy by describing the horrific scenes of a thick forest. He says the boy that the beats are merciless, creatures are blood thirsty. But Dhruva stands tall and undeterred and requests the sage to tell him the ways to realize the God.

Sage Narada who is much pleased with the commitment of the boy gives him a powerful mantra which can help him in calling the God. Thus Dhruva does the great penance shunning food and water for five months. Lord Narayana, the supreme godhead, appears before the boy and bestowed him with a mighty boon that he would rule the kingdom for sixty thousand years and later will be given with a celestial abode and Dhruva would be shining as a great star. This is the star that we see every day in the sky called as "the north star".

Meanwhile, the Sage Narada traveled to the palace of King Uttanapada as he knew that the king might be repenting his carelessness shown towards Dhruva. Up on seeing the divine sage king pours out his emotions. Sage Narada consoles him and tells him that Dhruva is not an ordinary boy and tells him that the boy would be returning soon with the blessings of God Almighty.

When Dhruva returns to the kingdom, he founds that a great gathering is waiting near the border. By coming close he sees his father, mothers, brother and many courteriers and people. King Uttanapada coronates Dhruva as the next king. As told by the Supreme Godhead, Dhruva rules the kingdom for sixty thousand years and becomes the bright star of the northern sky.

Moral of the story:

Is it not a fantastic story? A small boy becomes a big, shiny star with undeterred commitment and sheer prudence of patience!

Mothers are the first teachers and they can instill inspiration in the tender minds of the kids and inspire them to be positive in life.