Sunday, February 3, 2013

Physical Exercise Tips For Housewives

Physical Exercise Tips For Housewives


Housewives are the busiest persons in society. They work for almost 16 to 18 hours a day and cater to unimaginable demands from other family members. Housewives are keys to the happiness. If the key is lost due to ill health or physical fatigue then the whole family would plunge into sorrow. So how the housewives can be kept fit and fine physically?

Let us explore!

1.      Develop Good Food Habits:

Homemakers’ first priority is food. Sufficient intake of food must be there to generate enough energy to handle the regular household chores. The food should be nutritious and should supply enough calories. Junk food is not the choice for housewives who work under demanding situations. How distasteful might be the healthy food, they must consume it.

2.      Avoid Excess Sitting:

As a homemaker got some amount of leisure time, spending it by watching TV shows or favorite movies is a welcome event to bust the stress. But excessive sitting must be avoided as it can lead to obesity. Taking periodical rest can be clubbed with little physical exercises like stretching or breathing. Thus, the housewives can convert their couch as a gym.

  1. Sleep Well & Soundly:
Improper sleeping will surely affect the health. Most of the housewives think that an afternoon nap is the best relief but it is not true. Experts say that afternoon sleeping causes overweight. So, housewives can inculcate certain pass time activities and keep them busy to avoid the afternoon drowsiness.

  1. Do It Yourself:
One nutritionist once told that the ladies in the past centuries were slim and yet healthy as they were completely involved household works throughout the day and thus the physical activities were enough burn the excessive calories that were accumulated in the body. Now-a-day women are accustomed to use several machines to done away with regular activities like cloth or dish washing etc. So, those housewives who wish to be physically fit without going to gym can make use of this regular housework to burn excessive calories.

* * * * *

In a nutshell, though house is the heaven, for women who act like homemakers it can be the gym as well to keep them fit, healthy and fine for life long.