Sunday, May 25, 2014

Celebrate The Ancient Culture. Don't Kill It

          It has been quite a long time that I could not pen any article for this blog. Elections 2014 has kept me busy with many online activities particularly on Facebook. I took part in plenty of debates, discussions, analysis etc. I have never spent that much of time online to discuss political issues. To participate in the debates wherein I might be facing such members who are well read and better informed, I did read lot of articles, books and saw videos. All said and done that exercise was quite educative and informative.

          During the course of various discussions, I came across with some interesting facts about India. I am sure that the following observations would have been made by learned people in the past. Those who have highlighted these aspects might have done much better than me. But it is for my satisfaction that I wish to furnish the observations that have dawned on to me.

India – The Home for an Undying Culture

          I was trying to figure out what are the unique characteristics of India and what are those portions that it must retain forever to remain unique forever.

For me, it appears that the uniqueness of India lies in its undying, ever-shining and continuous flow of ancient heritage that has been tagged as ‘Hindu culture.’ The reasoning behind this conclusion is a simple fact that many of the world’s best civilizations and cultures have vanished from their homelands long ago. Hereunder is the list of few greatest cultures/civilizations that have become extinct in their birthplaces.

  • Egyptian
  • Mayan
  • Sumerian
  • Greek
  • Roman
  • Aztec
  • Babylonian
  • Inca
  • Persian
  • Mesopotamian
          The above list is not as per the historical timeline during which they came & gone but a random recollection of them from my memory.

    If one visits the places where these cultures/civilizations had their origins, they could find that these cultures have remained in their ruins only and not 'living' at all! 

          Today, we can’t find the followers of many of the great cultures and traditions of ancient times. For example, today’s Egypt is a Muslim country and we will not find any person following the culture that was adopted by Pharaohs. Similarly, the entire Mesopotamian land is predominantly Muslim in faith and I do not know whether anyone still practising the culture that has once flourished in that region.

        In contrary to this, one can find the Vedic culture, still alive and shining, in India. A culture which has more than 5,000 years of recorded history is  intact in its original form, almost!

          This undying existence of Vedic India has not been a cakewalk. It had to endure 800 years of Muslim rule in many parts of the country and 200 years of British rule throughout the country. Thus the very existence itsef is something great and wonderful.

         It must be a lifelong thrill for a history lover to get a easy access to the world’s ancient heritage that is alive even today and breathing air in to millions of faithful followers and practitioners. 

       Here is the real matchless culture that withstood many onslaughts. This is the only rareness that one could experience in their life time. Vedic culture of India is the only exclusivity from all those ancient cultures that are dead and gone.

          All Indians, irrespective of caste, creed and religious belief, must acknowledge this wonderful phenomenon of human history. All of historians and history lovers must rejoice the longevity shown by an ancient culture. All social engineers should appreciate the strength of the will exhibited by an ancient society. All literary people must cherish the ancient Sanskrit and Prakriti literature in their pristine form. The artisans from all parts of the world must visit and enjoy the beauty cut out of the rocks, stones and other materials.

          But what I see is the complete reversal of this humane approach towards the world’s only surviving culture that was found before Christ and the Prophet. 

          Even in this day of social enlightenment, there are many rogue elements that want to ensure the death of this rich culture. Writers want to write ugly commentaries on Vedic literature. Artists want to denigrate the holy characters of the Vedic epics. Religious fanatics are determined to issue a death warrant on Vedic faith followers. Intellectuals and liberals are trying hard to demean the whole Vedic culture.

This must stop

          The attitude to kill a culture must stop not for the sake of a 'religion' but to celebrate the human’s excellence in all the fields that celebrate the life. Vedic culture has touched up on every aspect of life be it education, entertainment, enlightenment, economy, engineering, medicine, nature, flora & fauna, fine arts, astronomy, warfare and more importantly bio-diversity. 

          Any person who is humane and sane in his/her thoughts and deeds must come forward to keep this wonderful heritage. No one should ever try to harm this ancient lifestyle by labeling it as a particular ‘religion’.

          After all it is the culture that wished the welfare of everyone (सर्वॆ जनाः सुखिनॊ भवंतु) by calling the whole world as one family (वसुधैव कुटुंबकम्).

॥ शांतिः शांतिः शांतिः ॥