Thursday, April 9, 2015

Secret Ingredient of Improved Web Traffic

By this May (2015), I would be entering into 15th anniversary of my online netizenship. That’s quite an occasion to celebrate. Of these fifteen years, I have had the opportunity of being a participant, contributor and an administrator.

 In fact, the Web Admin role has been larger than my contributor or participant’s life. Having a considerable amount of ‘front-end’ and ‘back-end’ experiences, from time-to-time, I have been blessed with little enlightenments that have changed my perceptions about the most sought out parameter of all Webmasters i.e. ‘Web Traffic.’

This write-up is not an advisory one as there many advisors flocking the field with their bit of advice. Instead, this is an honest feedback from a netizen who also happened to be the Webmaster.

Content Quantity & Its ‘Myths’:

Firstly, in this article I might not be using the conventional jargons of Webmaster analytics that may surprise the readers.

By saying ‘Content Quantity’ what I meant was the number of articles and the numbers of keywords and phrases. And by adding the ‘Mythical’ element to this, I intended to express my disbelief on the advices given by some online ‘Advisors’!

Sometime ago, I have put my honest feedback on ‘OnlineContent Writing – Quantity Vs. Quality’ which was focused on bursting the myth of quantitative approach in content development. Out of my experience, I have found that the tactics of ‘stuffing’ keywords/phrases do not always yield the desired result i.e. improved web traffic. Instead, such suffocating stuffing makes the article to become pale, patched and ugly ‘Frankenstein’.

On similar lines, I have further found that the euphoria to have as many articles as possible in your website is another myth. This ‘stack-the-website-with-loads-of-articles’ syndrome can take away the credibility of your website or blog. Yes, this is the truth about frenzied article creation and must be done away by the Webmasters as quickly as possible.

Content quantity does not win you the ‘web traffic.’

Understanding the Myth of Content Quantity:

Let me explain this part with a real time example.

I have a Telugu literary website, a history website in English and a personal blog (in English) and have analysed their web stats. The web stats (as on 09th April, 2015) are as under: – Stats (Online since Feb, 2011)

No. of articles published – 1136 in 4 years since inception

Blissful Life Tips Blog – Stats (Online since Feb, 2010)

No. of articles published – 16 in 5 years since inception – Stats (Online since Dec 2014)

No. of articles published : 17 in 4 months since inception

Now, in to the analysis…

The average cumulative monthly hits per article for:

If you got a question – “what do these numbers hint?” Read the following:- which has adopted the concept of ‘member-driven-content’ has achieved 1.5 million views over 60 months with 28 views per article per month. This has been achieved with the help of 1,136 articles of all quality denominations i.e. from Poor to Excellent.

On the other hand, the blog and which have a single contributor have published 16 and 17 articles in 60 and 4 months respectively and have achieved a cumulative monthly average views per article 12 views & 148 views respectively.

In other words, a 4 months old with just 17 articles has surpassed 4 years old which has 1,136 articles to its credit!

Thus broke more-articles-more-traffic myth!

Secret Ingredient of

The secret ingredient of is its ‘quality based’ articles. This website has been built on a niche subject i.e. the history of a South Indian sect called ‘Maadhvas.’ As part of this niche subject, it also touches upon the history of South India as well. generally takes up the controversial and those past events that have been dismissed as ‘trivial.’ It picks up such aspects from the historical narratives of South India & Madhvas and tries to present a foolproof, carefully analysed account that are based on the verifiable facts and documents such as inscriptions and archeological reports.

With a handful of painstakingly drafted articles that throw light on lesser known facts, the Madhva shattered the myth that I have so far believed in i.e. “Quantitative content brings more online traffic.”

End Note:

I own these websites/blog(s) and have got the first hand information about their statistics. Hence I can vouchsafe for the fact that the qualitatively superior article can easily bring much needed online web traffic to your site or blog than a basketful of mediocre stuff.

Be wise. Be a Words’worth’ if you wish to achieve the target of ‘improved web traffic’ for your site/blog.

All the best.