Saturday, March 2, 2013

Writing Nightmares

For me, writing is sacred.

Each alphabet appears to be His form. I feel that the He is speaking to me through the words. I could visualize His multifarious appearance unfolding through sentences. What to say about the literature on whole? It is a wondrous multitude of Him that can be felt right in front of my eyes, could hear through my mortal ears and can understand with little and illogical brain. Finally, I could see far beyond the literal meanings as if He is whispering some sacred hymn.

But I heart loses its synchronic act when some piece of writeup full of grammatical errors stares at me. I feel pained to see the disrespect shown by the writer to the sacred language. I am stunned to witness the reckless attitudes nakedly exhibited in spelling mistakes and mispronunciations. Ah! Why such nightmarish things do happen more often than not!

Close scrutiny of horrible writing habits do tell me that lack of sensitivity is the root cause of all evils in this society. When people can kill a fellow being and get along without feeling the pain of the sin, does it really matter to them on merciless massacre of language and grammar? I don’t think so. Sensitivity is something that must prevail all through the life and in every single aspect of life. It is not a mechanical switch to on and off at someone’s will. After all, sensitivity is synonymous to God!

Through this articles, I can only pray to Him to prevail over, as usually done by Him, when I write. This is the least effort I could put up at least in upholding the sanctity of writing.