Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Online Earning Opportunities And My Experiences With Them

Well, it is all about living and to live we need to have some earnings too.

God has made everything for us. Food, water, air, trees, mountains - He made all these and kept ready for us to use them. It appears for me that He is telling all of us - "I shall give you what you need, but you shall strive to 'earn' them". And that is how earning has become part of our lives. But today we struggle to earn money and not His mercy. This might sound too philosophical for you and might confuse you a lot with the lead title of this article! So, let us rest the God and philosophy here and shall proceed to see how do we earn through online means.

Life catches us off-the-guard and throws us in to the dust. But that should not deter the undiminishing craving of us to 'earn'. When I was out of my lucrative job for certain obvious personal and professional reasons, I lurked for almost a month without knowing what to be done next!

One day, I was sitting with the laptop in my lap and was punching through MS Word file. I was typing out my second novel (Yes. I do have flair for writing since my childhood!). I was narrating an episode wherein one female character tries to inspire her dejected spouse by citing certain odd scenarios from her past life. Finally she becomes successful to drive her spouse towards positive thinking.

When I am done with that episode, it really donned to me "Hey, why am I sulking on what do to next? How to earn to live? Is my life doomed for ever?". I was staring into my laptop and the last sentense spoken by my female character - "Don't just lead life but design it." For the first time in my life, I was inspired by an non-existing personality. Instantaneously and instintively too, I have googled the net for keywords like "online earning opportunities", "online writing opportunities", "content writing assignments" etc.

Google was yelling at me with 30 million & odd results. I became nervous, impatient and dumb. I have resumed my mental faculties and have started browsing through the links. Finally I stumbled up on a good websites called Freelancer.com.
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Freelancer gave me the first breakthrough as a SEO & Copywriting expert. Here I have the highest chances to showcase my writing skills and brand myself as prolific writer. My exprience with Freelancer.in is intriguing and interesting.