Thursday, March 28, 2013

Life is time and time is life

"Life is time and time is life." When I ponder over this statement I remember the three day break – Oh! What a great thing to happen – the 'Thank-God-Its' Friday, Saturday and Sunday!!
Thursday evening is one that everyone is looking forward to. It is for those with 5 day week it matters much as Good Friday does not make much difference in the lives of those with 6 day week.  Three days pass on just like that. This is how everyone feels. Why time flies away during holidays and why not during working days, why it runs slow? 
The pace at which the time passes is eternally unchanged.  The feeling of its pace is relative to individuals. It looks like the more the individual is joyful, faster the pace of time. The more the individual is worried about anything, slower the pace of time. Or is this just a halucination? We all would have undergone at different times and under different cicumstances but we all feel the same way. Why do we do this? 
When the time fills our life we feel it long – meaning when we wait for an event that we do not like to participate in it, the time passes at a slower pace. Each moment that we wait for some unpleasant meeting/event kills all our energies, hopes, dreams and aspirations for the future.  This is time filling our lives.  When we fill the time with our actions we feel it short – in other words we wish to have long hours of chat with our loved ones but we feel that the time is flying. The mornings, afternoons, evenings, nights get passed quickly. We in fact wish to fill the time with our joy but time allows us to do so within its natural pace only.
We all cherish certain wonderful moments in our lives, particularly those that happened during mornings or evenings. The beauty of time adds more significance to the moments that we like when they happen in mornings and evenings. When it rains, irrespective of the time, it adds beauty to the events that we like. Time in its original form is like God. In its relative form it appears to us as having different paces. 
Our mind, in fact, has got these paces. It works at different paces depending upon its likes and dislikes.  We attribute our pace of mind to the time and got into the practice of blaming the time.  The time is just a witness to our mental activities.  There is nothing called a bad time or a good time.  The time, like the God, is neutral to all our attributes.  Harrison Owen’s experiment with the Open Space Technology which revolves around the four principles namely:
1)Whoever comes is the right people – whomsoever we meet, work with, associate, seek help from, help and guide are the right people.  So why do we need to worry about them?
2)Whatever happens is the only thing that could have – the feeling of I should have done this, they could have done this, the could-have-beens, should-have-beens or might-have-beens are the only stuff for worrying about. Therefore accept the things as they happen because they are beyond your control.
3)Whenever it starts is the right time – the right and auspicious time are constructs of the pure minds. When things happen suddenly, we must know that they happen for the good of us.
4) Lastly When it’s over it’s over. In a word, don’t waste time. Do what you have to do, and when its done, move on to something more useful.
I suppose these four principles, if applied in right earnest, would take away the pain and remove the feeling of slow paced are fast paced time in our lives. Many would agree with me that we all trying to enjoy our the time we have – the present moment.  Because the present moment presents us a present too!!